New PinchBooks™ Now available!


pinchbookpreviewAs previewed by Innova in the UK at The Photography show last month, we are now very excited to be the first UK reseller to be stocking these innovative and simple book.

No specialist knowledge or equipment is required to make beautiful, professional hard cover photo books! Pinchbooks™ are reusable, expandable, and use no harmful and messy glues to hold the pages together.

Simply pull back the cover and the spring-clamp opens up, insert the pages, and it snaps back together. If the operator makes a mistake, they can simply reopen and adjust the pages so there are never any wasted books or ruined prints!

Can be used with any paper type; Photo, Fine Art, Laser printed…the possibilities are endless.
Reusable and expandable – they are great for weddings, birthdays, new babies, anniversaries, graduations, yearbooks and vacations. Can be used for business presentations too!

Pinchbooks™ are available to buy now from our website – click here to view books and sizes available. Prices start from £5.11 for a 4×6” book.





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