Let it Shine – Olmec Metallic Papers

Olmec_Metallic-5A special image requires a special paper, so  if you find yourself looking for something a little different to print on, why not try the Olmec Metallic gloss and lustre papers? – these neutral white RC papers hav
e a lovely pearlescent finish with a slightly blue tone, providing excellent colo
ur saturation, gamut and D-max. The gloss is a very high gloss with a smooth finish, if you like a little less reflection then Olmec make a lustre version too.

Olmec_Metallic-4Olmec_Metallic-2We have tested these in the office recently with some black and white and colour images, which look great!

They are printed on a Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer using Olmec ICC profiles from Innova Art’s website – http://www.innovaart.com/icc-profiles-1/It’s quite hard to see the finish of the papers in the photos, but they give a stunning, extra bit of punch to the images. They would be wonderful for wedding images too!

If therOlmec_Media-Settings-Guide_2014-1e are no profiles listed for your printer, use generic media settings such as ‘Premium Glossy paper / Photo Paper Lustre’ and let the Printer manage the colours in Photoshop. You can find further details about printing and using Olmec Paper here: Olmec_Media-Settings-Guide_2014

Keith Cooper of Northlight Images, ran a review of these papers last year when they were launched to the new updated Olmec range. Read Keith’s Review here: http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/reviews/paper/olmec-photo.html


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