David Hockney – 82 Portraits and 1 Still Life

We had the pleasure last week to attend David Hockney‘s private view for his latest exhibition at the Royal Academy. It was a great evening and a real eye opener to see a man of David’s age still as eager and enthusiastic as he was the first time he lifted a paintbrush.

IMG_2683 IMG_2691

The last time David Hockney exhibited at Royal Academy it broke records, with over 600,000 visitors. Since then David has relocated to Los Angeles, where he has his print studio.

Each of the resulting 82 portraits is the same size, capturing the sitter in the same setting, against the same background layout and the artist created each piece in the same three-day time frame.


Speaking to Jim Mchugh at the show he stated the following “It was a great three days, David was always ready 9am every morning raring to go” Jim Mchugh a famous photographer based in Los Angeles, uses all Innova Art papers for his printing of hss work. David Hockney painted both Jim Mchugh and his daughter Chloe, who were both resent on the night.








The night was at capacity and was a thoroughly  enjoyable experience. We would recommend checking out the show which opens Saturday 2nd July at Royal Academy.

For tickets please follow the link below;








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