Innova Cotton Digital Fine Art Papers

Product-feature---IFA22Featured Product: Innova Soft Textured Natural White 100% Cotton 315gsm IFA22

Our first featured Product of the month is a fourdrinier, museum quality, OBA free,  natural white paper from Innova Art. It has a soft-textured surface equivalent to a traditional velvet watercolour fine art paper, somewhere between a hot press and cold press surface.

From the Innova Website: Hold this luxurious paper in your hand and let the sensation begin. It truly prints as good as it feels. The velvety texture is only possible by the use of all cotton fibres. The ink receptive layer developed by Innova provides outstanding image quality with a nice tonal range. The matte finish makes it great for glare free viewing.

Natascha Van Niekerk is a user of IFA22, and has this to say:

I discovered Innova paper through a fellow artist and have since then fallen in love with the texture and feel of the fine art paper range. The tone and weight of the IFA22 paper (Soft Textured Natural White 100% cotton) works very well with my work as it really accentuates the matt and textured qualities of my images.”- Natascha Van Niekerk

NataschaVanNiekerk_Under-revised NataschaVanNiekerk_StillNataschaVanNiekerk_Supplication-for-Peace


Van Niekerk is a Fine Art Photographer whose images that combine a vivid dramatic sensibility with the stunning landscape of her native South Africa. She has ben using IFA22 since 2015, when she saw Innova Art at a trade show. See more of her work here:



For those of you looking for a value option, the standard IFA12Soft Textured Natural White 315gsm has the same texture and pleasing tactile quality as the IFA22, but Innova offer this grade as a value alternative to cotton and it is produced using pure alpha cellulose fibre instead of cotton linters.

Also available in a lightweight 190gsm (IFA 06) option.

Buy here:


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