Featured Artist of the Month: Shane Aurousseau

We start our Artist of the Month Features with Shane Aurosseau. Shane is an Australian photographer who has worked as a creative director and photographer in some of the largest advertising agencies in the world.

He currently lives in London, but travels regularly photographing the world we live in and its incredible diversity of life. His journalistic works reflect the entire spectrum of life.
In recent years much of his time is spent in the Australian Outback capturing the hard work (‘hard Yakka’ in shearing OZ speak) of the ‘sheep shearers’ and’ miners’ in the gold and Opel fields of New South Wales.

imgs6349 he-was-shearing-when-i-knew-him fg4a1715-aa-in-use





He currently has an exhibition of this work at the Ianos Café in Athens, Greece, which runs from  September 15 – October 15, 2016

He is a user of the Innova Fine Art papers, and Canon printers.

  1. Tell me a bit about your own work, and what you are working on at the moment.

The exhibition in Athens is based on a series of sheep shearing photographs. I grew up in Australia and although based in London I am still a citizen. Our family has a sheep station near Condobolin Central NSW. I have done a considerable amount of work on the Outback and especially the hard working sheep shearers or in shearing speak, hard Yakka. Condobolin is on the Lachlan river and the overflow on this river is the setting for one of Australia’s best known poems “Clancy of the Overflow” Clancy was a shearer. This poem was written by A B “Banjo” Paterson wo also wrote “The Man from Snowy River” the basis for two Hollywood movies and he wrote “Waltzing Matilda”   so believe wrongly to be the Australian national Anthem.

I am also trying to plan a project with an Aboriginal group in Australia and hope to exhibit this next year.

  1. What is your favourite (recent) image of yours?The-sheep-and-the-Cockees-(153-of-172) Australia-Sydney-Harbour-and-Luna-park_-245 Australia-(126-of-203)-A4

I have so many however the ones here for me show the Character and vastness of the Australian Outback. The Railway is the Indian Pacific it goes from one side of Australia to the other Indian ocean to Pacific.

  1. You use the Canon Pixma – Pro10 inkjet printer with our generic ICC profiles, and are very happy with the results. Why did you choose this particular printer?

PIXMA_PRO10_Angle2_tcm14-959918I tested Canon and Epson and really liked the results from Canon and in most Canon Pro printers there is an extra ink cartridge. The quality is extremely good in both the Canon pro-10 and the pro-1. This printer is accurate when used with ICC profiles, colours are vibrant and the black points are good in both the models I mentioned. I may at some time upgrade to the Canon A2 printer however this is only paper size issue to go beyond A3+ I also find I can control the colour density easily in Canon printers.

  1. You use the IFA22 – Soft Textured Natural White 100% cotton for your own images – why is this your paper of choice?

I like the IFA22 you can retain a rich image with a soft feel. I have also tried the  IFA29 (FibaPrint White Semi-Matte 300gsm), as this is not a gloss more of a luster and gives portraits that little more bounce especially on the highlights. Both are exceptional papers.

  1. You have recently used IFA29 when printing for client’s exhibitions – what did you think about this semi-gloss fibre based paper?

    Liked it see above!


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