Featured Paper – Innova Smooth Cotton High White 315gsm IFA14


The Smooth Cotton High White from Innova is one of their most successful and one of the original papers they launched at the very start 14 years ago. It was designed to be a direct replacement for the ‘industry standard’ hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper.

It has all the qualities you expect in a fine art smooth hit pressed paper. It is ideal when printing photographs or art reproductions such as portraits. The smooth surface doesn’t distract from any surface in the image, or effect skin tone and appearance. It is a pleasing ‘high white’, therefore it does contain some OBA’s, but in our opinion, nothing to worry about. (However, you might want to chose an OBA free paper if you are printing for museum exhibition work).

From the Innova website:

Soft, luxurious texture with a world class inkjet fine art coating.
This paper is one of the most popular Innova archival digital fine art papers. A smooth, texture free matte finish lets your images speak for itself without imparting unwanted character to your final prints. A high white shade assures saturated colours pop when printed and a precision coating, compatible with both pigment and dye based inkjet printers, makes it ideal for many professional print workflows.

The paper is also available in a Double Sided 225gsm – IFA05, a lightweight single sided 220gsm – IFA04, and a heavyweight 450gsm – IFA18 (available in sheets only)

Download the spec sheet here: Innova-Fine-Art_Data-Sheet_2016_IFA-14

Do you use IFA14? – Let us know what you think of it!


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