Using Mirage software with Canon PRO series Printers

Starting out in large format printing is an exciting time! Whether you are printing your own limited editions in the studio or (spare bedroom!) or are expanding your business you can’t go wrong with the new PRO series printers from Canon.

Launched last year, they are the upgrade to the Image PROGRAF iPF series. Available in desktop (A2)- PRO1000 / 24” – PRO2000 / 44” – PRO4000 with a dual roll holder additional option, to make the switch between papers with different jobs a doddle. It takes a little time to set up and initialise power up, but once ready, and you have set the paper option, the printers are quick, reliable and quiet.

All ICC profiles are available from the respective Innova, Olmec and Hahnemuhle websites for these machine, and they work very well when printing with ICC profiles via Photoshop or Lightroom, giving great gamut and excellent black and white results.

However, what do you do when you want to take your printing to the next level….you want to start printing multiple copies of an image, or layout different images on a roll to save space and paper? As we know this can be achieved in Photoshop, but it is time consuming and means setting up custom page sizes and multiple layers and copies of files.

The answer is a low cost, simple RIP (Raster image processor) rot do all of this work for you! The job of a RIP software is not only to process the images and lay them out on a sheet or roll in the most economical way, it also allows you to select the profile, paper settings with this too. It will do a better job of enlarging files, and has the added bonus of templates for gallery wraps and tiling features for wallpaper and printing very large scale posters or prints.

Meet Mirage – dedicated for Canon printers – and only £145 including vat! (RRP £808.55!!)

Mirage 8 & 12 Colour Canon Edition
visit Canon website here:

Professional printing redefined
Mirage Professional Print Solutions are milestones, defining new levels in print quality, ease of use and productivity. Mirage is developed, optimized and used by:

Photographers, fine-art printers, print service providers, graphic designers, marketing agencies, layout designers, packaging designers and professional amateurs. 

Mirage offers professional and “Prosumer” functionality, all at a cost-effective price point.

Visit the Mirage website here

Real performance, no hidden costs

The Intuitive Mirage user-interface enables you to work fast and efficiently. As a native plug-in Mirage caters to all your needs: smooth and perfectly scaled gradients, as well as fonts and embedded vector graphics.

Mirage is a Stand-Alone Application supporting PDF, JPEG, TIFF Files as well as a Plug-in for: ADOBE: Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, In Design and Adobe Illustrator.

Now read the review from Keith Cooper – master photographer and printer.



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