Featured Artist: Tania Barnes – Using the Innova sample pack to decide on a paper

Ever had trouble deciding what paper to use for your Fine art Limited Editions or reproductions?

With so much choice even in high end digital fine art ranges, it can sometimes be a daunting task to select the correct paper for the artwork or photograph you are printing; glossy, semi-gloss, satin, matte, textured, smooth, OBA or no OBA, natural or ultra white, cotton or alpha cellulose etc etc!  Obviously you can narrow down some of the choices, as usually you wouldn’t want to print a portrait on a very heavily textured paper, as they will look like they have bad skin! and similarly you probably wouldn’t want to re-produce a watercolour painting on a glossy paper…but dig down to the next level of with a glossy or a matte, textured or smooth and there is still a lot of choice. Whilst a lot of this will come down to personal preference and the look and feel of the paper, other factors such as the cost or weight of the paper may also play a part. For instance if your customer wants an economical option for an open edition print run, or you have a printer that can only feed up to a certain weight (gsm) of paper.

So how do you decide?

Today we speak to Tania Barnes, a new customer to Fine Art Foto, who tells us how her recent Innova Fine Art sample pack helped her choose the right paper, which will enable her to start off in the world of publishing and selling her artwork.

Tania received the Innova Fine Art sample pack. It has one sheet of all the papers in the Innova Fine Art range. These papers are all Matte papers with various different surfaces from smooth to rough textured, bright or natural white, some are cotton papers (i.e: made from 100% cotton pulp), some have a part cotton content, but the majority will be Alpha cellulose (which is made from cleaned wood pulp. There is nothing wrong with AC papers, they have all been treated to be Acid and Lignin free so the paper will not yellow with age. (i.e.: all the papers are ‘fully archival’).

We did an interview with Tania about choosing her are paper and her work in general:

1. Which Innova / Olmec / Hahnemühle paper do you mainly print on? Why did you choose this paper?

I chose Innova, soft textured natural white 190gsm from the Fine Art Range IFA 06.  I chose this paper as I liked the fact it was natural white, rather than bright white, so gives my print a more artistic look.  But as I am just starting to build my art print business, I also needed to pick something within budget that I considered to be a good enough quality to sell but not too high a quality that my basic printer could not handle.

2. Which Inkjet printer do you own and use? What do you like about this printer?
I have an HP Officejet printer.  Although my printer was not chosen specifically for printing art prints, I like that it prints good quality prints and using Innova art paper helps with the quality.

3. If you don’t do the printing yourself, who prints for you?
I only print my own art prints.

4. How did you get into the Photography / art business?
I am a self-taught artist and returned to art a few years ago, after a long absence.  I have always utilised my creative nature by making greetings cards and creating scrapbook pages to display my favourite photographs. I have even turned my hand to crochet and sewing.  But I eventually discovered that I was drawn back to art and inspired to draw and paint again.

5. Is being an Artist / Photographer your main occupation?
I currently work full time and work on my art in my spare time.  I am working towards working as an artist full time in the future.

6. Tell us a bit about the concepts of your work?
I am very eclectic in nature and it is evident throughout my work.  I love to work in all sorts of mediums from charcoal to acrylic paint.  My main passion is for portrait work and have been working on studying the faces of some of the popular artists on social media.  However, I also like exploring other subjects such as nature. When I create it is not about the outcome, I am living in the moment and enjoying experiencing the process.  I would encourage anyone to be creative, being “good at it”, in the grand scheme of life, is not what really matters.

7. Do you sell in open or limited editions?
I am offering limited editions of my Art prints.  As an artist consistently creating, I will have a regular change of art to offer.

8. Are you represented by an agent or gallery?
I am not currently represented by an agent or gallery, as a new artist, this is something I am working towards.

9. Where was your last exhibition?
I have my first exhibition with the Glenrothes Art Club happening in the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes Fife with public viewing from 7th August until 13th September 2017
(**On Now** click here for more info of opening times)

10. Any other comments about Fine Art Foto or the products you use?
I am new to Innova art paper and I look forward to discovering what my customers think of it.  I am sure they will love it as much as I do.

Thank you Tania that was a really interesting insight into your work and choosing the right paper for you. We wish you every success with your current exhibition, and the launch of your on-line Art shop!

Tania’s website can be viewed here, and she also runs an interesting blog.

As mentioned earlier, the sample pack reviewed here is the Innova Fine Art sample pack.
We also sell an Innova Photo Art sample Pack (mainly smooth papers with a certain level of gloss), and an Innova Editions sample pack (Editions is a high end range of cotton papers suitable for Museum and exhibition display).
Other ranges: Olmec Sample pack (Professional everyday RC papers)


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